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The Country Club Special

Whether it is the green of Augusta signalling the coming of Spring or Championship Sunday at Flushing Meadows reminding us of those September afternoons when, these tournaments remind us of special times in the year. Make these memories again with the Country Club Special Fantasy Sports Megapool.

Enjoy the best of the back 9 and centre court with you and up to seven of your friends with the Fantasy Sport Megapool’s Country Cub Special Megapool League. Getting started is simple. Just create an account (if you don’t have one already), select the template, invite friends, select your teams and you are good to go.

Still not sure? Scroll down to learn more about this league or click here to learn just how the Fantasy Sports Megapool works.

The following is a quick outline of the Country Club Special Fantasy Sports Megapool indicating the different leagues, the suggested number of Megapool candidates and suggested number of drafts:

Name Max number of players# of Drafts
PGA and ATP82
Tournament NameDescription # of Picks
Men’s Tennis MajorsSelect 4 tennis players you think may win any of the three remaining tennis majors 3
Men’s Golf MajorsSelect 4 PGA tour golfers you think may win any of the four tennis majors 4

Lastly, it is important no league in the Fantasy Sports Megapool is a winner take all proposition. The following is a breakdown of the points awarded for each place a team finishes in their respective league or tournament:

The following is the scoring for all of the leagues in the Mid-terms and Hardwood Fantasy Sports Megapool:

PlacePoints Awarded
First 100
5th – 8th65

If you have any further questions, comments, or critiques please check out Knowledge Base for answers or please contact us by email at