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Puckin’ Around 2022

Make every night as enjoyable as a Saturday night. Catch the best players in the world while following the best of tomorrow with the Fantasy Sports Megapool “Puckin’ Around 2022”.

Enjoy the best of the ice with you and up to seven of your friends with the Fantasy Sport Megapool’s Puckin’ Around 2022 Megapool League. Getting started is simple. Just create an account (if you don’t have one already), select the template, invite friends, select your teams and you are good to go.

Still not sure? Scroll down to learn more about this league or click here to learn just how the Fantasy Sports Megapool works.

The following is a quick outline of the Puckin’ Around 2022 Fantasy Sports Megapool indicating the different leagues, the suggested number of Megapool candidates and suggested number of drafts:

SportsMax Number of Megapool Players# of Drafts
League NameDescription# of Picks
Stanley Cup WinnerStart at the top – will the Tampa Bay Lightning three-peat or will one of the other 29 teams unseat the Champs?2
President’s Trophy WinnerSure it’s only the regular season but the team that comes out on top of an 82-game season long grind is going to be a pretty good team. 2
Western Conference ChampionA different coast with a different way of playing hockey. Hard-hitting and fast but can you stay up late enough to watch?1
Eastern Conference ChampionA more classic brand of playoff hockey, slugging it out over 120 feet. Who, if anyone, can beat the champs in a 7-game series?1
Western Conference Best RecordHome ice can mean a lot in a three-round playoff. Who will be that team once the 82-game season is done?2
Eastern Conference Best RecordSee above.2
Frozen Four ChampionLost in the insanity that is NCAA March Madness, this tournament doesn’t get enough attention for just how good it is. 2
Memorial Cup WinnerAfter four rounds of best-of-seven playoff hockey, the winners of the QMJHL, OHL, and WHL – along with the host team – battle it out in a week-long, round robin tournament before a winner take all final. Crazy and amazing all at the same time. 2

Lastly, it is important no league in the a Fantasy Sports Megapool is a winner take all proposition. The following is a breakdown of the points awarded for each place a team finishes in their respective league or tournament:

The three league based leagues (President’s Trophy Winner, Eastern Conference Champion, Western Conference Champion):

PlacePoints Awarded

The following is the scoring for the tournament based leagues:

PlacePoints Awarded

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