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Mid-Terms and Hardwood

If you love hoops, you love college basketball. Heck, even if you’re lukewarm on hoops, you can still love college basketball.

And what better way to prepare for your March Madness bracket or to get excited about the future of your favourite NBA team than following the top six NCAA basketball conferences from their conference regular season matchups through to their conference tournaments and into March Madness.

Enjoy the best of the ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Big East, PAC-12, and SEC with you and up to seven of your friends with the Fantasy Sport Megapool’s Mid-Terms and Hardwood Megapool League. Getting started is simple. Just create an account (if you don’t have one already), select the template, invite friends, select your teams and you are good to go.

Still not sure? Scroll down to learn more about this league or click here to learn just how the Fantasy Sports Megapool works.

The following is a quick outline of the Mid-terms and Hardwood 2022 Fantasy Sports Megapool indicating the different leagues, the suggested number of Megapool candidates and suggested number of drafts:

SportsSuggested # of Megapool PlayersSuggested # of Drafts
League NameDescription# of PicksSuggested Draft Date
ACC Men’s Basketball ChampionWidely considered this to be best conference in college hoops.2early February
Big East Men’s Basketball ChampionNot quite what it once was but a season ending tourney in the Garden is always a treat.1early February
Big 10 Men’s Basketball ChampionThe mid-West produces some of the best basketball programs in the country. 2early February
Big 12 Men’s Basketball ChampionIt’s big, wide open country in the Big 12 and that is how they play their hoops.2early February
PAC 12 Men’s Basketball ChampionIs the West Coast the best coast? Some of the NCAA’s glamour programs think so. 2early February
SEC Men’s Basketball ChampionThe SEC just ain’t about football anymore.2early February
March Madness Champion64 teams – 68 technically – but only one winner. Drama awaits. 3early March

Lastly, it is important no league in the Fantasy Sports Megapool is a winner take all proposition. The following is a breakdown of the points awarded for each place a team finishes in their respective league or tournament:

The following is the scoring for all of the leagues in the Mid-terms and Hardwood Fantasy Sports Megapool:

PlacePoints Awarded
First 100
5th – 8th60

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