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Hoops Hype 2022

High stakes hoops – nothing beats it.

Possession after possession, basket after basket, yet basketball so often still comes down to one final play; the ball is out of bounds, players jostles for position, the ref begins the count – 5,4,3,2…, the ball get in just in time going to the one player everyone knew it would go to. In one motion they catch and shoot, the ball glides through the air and…

Enjoy the best of the NBA and NCAA basketball with you and up to seven of your friends with the Fantasy Sport Megapool’s Hardwood Handle Megapool League. Getting started is simple. Just create an account (if you don’t have one already), select the template, invite friends, select your teams and you are good to go.

Still not sure? Scroll down to learn more about this league or click here to learn just how the Fantasy Sports Megapool works.

The following is a quick outline of the Hardwood Handle 2022 Fantasy Sports Megapool indicating the different leagues, the suggested number of Megapool candidates and suggested number of drafts:

SportsSuggested # of Megapool PlayersSuggested # of Drafts

Here is a a quick explanation of the leagues and the suggested # of picks in the Hardwood Handle 2022 Megapool along with a suggested draft date for each draft:

League NameDescription# of PicksSuggested Draft Date
Larry OB WinnerPick the teams with the best chance at going deep or even winning the NBA’s biggest prize.2early April
Best Regular Season RecordSelect the teams who will perform best in the NBA’s regular season, securing home court for the playoffs.2late January
Western Conference ChampionThe Western Conference once dominated the NBA but times have changed. Who will be the team to try and establish the conference as the NBA’s best? 1early April
Eastern Conference ChampionThe Eastern Conference has been seen as ugly step child for much of the 2000s. But that has changed recently. So who will be the team to try to keep the East on top in 2022?1early April
Western Conference Best RecordGolden State? Phoenix? Utah? Who will be the West’s best team over 82 games? 2late January
Eastern Conference Best RecordSee above but just change the teams to Chicago, Brooklyn, Milwaukee – and add in Miami.2late January
March Madness Champion64 teams – 68 technically – but only one winner. Drama awaits. 3early March

Lastly, it is important no league in the a Fantasy Sports Megapool is a winner take all proposition. The following is a breakdown of the points awarded for each place a team finishes in their respective league or tournament:

The following is the scoring for the regular season based leagues (Best Regular Season Record, Western Conference Best Record, Western Conference Best Record):

PlacePoints Awarded
10th -11th10

The following is the scoring for the tournament based leagues (Larry OB Winner, Western Conference Champ, Western Conference Best Champ, March Madness Winner):

PlacePoints Awarded

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