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How to Check your Fantasy Sports Megapool Standings

Here are instructions for “How to Check Your Fantasy Sports Megapool Standings’ so you can begin your own Fantasy Sports Megapool to have fun with your friends. If these instructions don’t solve your problem or answer your question, please contact Fantasy Sports Megapool support at _____.

  1. Go to and click “Login/Sign Up” in the top right corner or Sign Up button.

2. Enter email and password and click “Login to Dashboard” to access your Dashboard.

3. Once on “My Dashboard”, select ‘My Dashboard’ in dropdown and select “Analytics”.

4. Under “Megapool List”, choose the Fantasy Sports Megapool and the “Standings Table” you want to see.

5. Ka-bam – this is what you should see.

Congratulations – that just about does it. Nice and simple, giving you more time to cheer for your team and to enjoy watching the games.

Of course, please contact the Fantasy Megapool Support Team at ________ if there are any issues not covered here or there are issues that need clarification.